Pure-Spa Hot Tub System Flush

Hot Tub Plumbing System Cleaner (2 sizes available)

Pure-Spa Hot Tub System Flush

Hot Tub Plumbing System Cleaner (2 sizes available)
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Product Description
More Info
Product Description

Pure-Spa Hot Tub System Flush.
Specially formulated to clean inside the plumbing system of your Hot Tub

Hot tub pipe-work can accumulate an amazing amount of unhygienic matter such as body oils, general grime and biofilm that build up over time.

Use Pure-spa Hot Tub system flush at every water change for a cleaner fresher system

  • Cleans & freshens inside the hidden pipework of your Hot Tub.
  • Safely breaks down body fats, general grime & slime which can harbor and fuel the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Contains antibacterial properties for a fresher more hygienic spa.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Convenient - No need to re-fill spa to flush out before re filling!
  • Low foaming, with a clean fresh fragrance.
  • Does not contain harsh solvents, bleach or ammonia.
  • Not classed as hazardous or corrosive - presents no handling issues.
  • Compatible with all spa water sanitisers including Chlorine & Bromine.
  • Can be used at various dilutions depending on the level of cleaning required.
  • Use at every water change.

Available in two sizes 500ml & 5 Litre

  • Volume 500ml  - Approx 2-3 applications.
  • Volume 5L - Approx 20 applications

NB: Due to postal restrictions the 5 Litre tub cannot be posted outside UK Mainland.

More Info

Hot Tub plumbing systems must be cleaned regularly to help remove the unseen build up of bathing deposits, body fats, & dirt.
Regular flushing helps to prevent the formation of biofilm which is a breeding ground for undesirable bacteria. Pure-Spa Hot Tub System Flush should be used every time the Hot Tub water needs replacing.

Usage Guide:

1. Remove the filter cartridges from your Hot Tub
2. Prior to draining your hot tub: add approx 1/2 bottle (250ml) of Pure Spa Hot Tub System Flush to the warm water.
3. Close the air controls and run the pump/jet system for 20 - 40 mins.
4. Leave the treated hot tub run on low speed for 12 hours or overnight if possible.
5. Drain the tub & wipe interior surfaces.
6. Reinstall the cleaned filters, refill and balance water.

Customer Reviews
Questions & Answers
Customer Reviews

Fantastic, worked a treat!!

Reviewed by Linda
Thanks very much for the feedback glad you like them
Response from RR

Great product that does what it says. Excellent that it is biodegradable and you don't have to empty the existing water out of the hot tub before using it. As far as I can see it has done an excellent job!

Reviewed by Diana Clarke
Good news, thanks Tim

This is the first time I have cleaned the hot tub myself instead of having it serviced by a company. I bought the spa flush and I have been very pleased. Didnít remove quite as much grunge as the cleaner used by the professsionsal but that was probably because I couldnít leave it in the system for the full 12 hours. Given that I would use it again and recommend it.

Reviewed by Karen

excellent service and product

Reviewed by stuart schofield
Many thanks for your review!
Response from Alice

The pure spa hot tub system flush does exactly what the people at pure-spa say it does. No point me re-writing what has already been said before, it works and I'm going large this time with 5 ltr Save money and get the same great product thar really works. Thanks Pure Spa

Reviewed by John, Cambridgeshire

Used this product as part of a drain and sanitize procedure. I was amazed at the amount of grease/oil that it removed from the internal Hot Tub plumbing. The grease/grime accumulates on the Hot tub surface at water line level. It then requires a bit of elbow grease to remove. But the results of using this product were clearly visible.

Reviewed by Ian Taylor

What a fab product really works well!

Reviewed by John Ellis

What a fab product really works well!

Reviewed by John Ellis
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Questions & Answers

can i use this product on an inflatable hot tub/spa

Asked by brian collins
Yes you can
Response from Chris

Pur spa hot tub flush, how do I order 5 ltr and what is the cost. Thanks John

Asked by John
Hello, please select from the drop down list under bottle/pack size. The 5L flush is £24.99
Response from Rosie
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