O-Care - Weekly Spa Water Care Pack

Helps to reduce the amount of chemicals needed.

O-Care - Weekly Spa Water Care Pack

Helps to reduce the amount of chemicals needed.
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Product Description
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Product Description

The best solution for natural spa water. Safe, soft and simple.
O-Care helps to remove and prevents biofilm and constantly cleans your spa meaning you need less chemicals and it protects your spa components. It's made up of a mixture of high quality minerals so it makes your spa water more natural and it will leave your skin soft and odourless.

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System flush should be used at drain down, before refilling your spa. It is specially formulated to clean inside the plumbing system of your Hot Tub.
**only available whilst stocks last & for a limited time only. * Excludes Trade

Safe - Using O-Care can reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine used by 78%. Sanitizers can sometimes irritate eyes, ears and skin so reducing the chemicals on your spa makes it safer to use for those with sensitive skin and children who love to go underwater.

Soft - The mixture of high quality salts will leave your skin feeling soft and odourless so you will not need to shower after bathing.

Simple - Just add 2 compounds to the spa water once a week using the measuring cup included.

  • Helps to remove biofilm
  • Reduces the amount of chemicals needed
  • Provides soft and odourless water
  • Makes your skin soft
  • Less wear and tear on heaters, pumps, filters, pillows, blowers, ozonators and pipes
  • Easy water balancing

O-Care Weekly Spa Care contains the following:

  • 2L bottle 1 component
  • 2L bottle 2 component
  • Measuring cup
  • User manual

Contains approximately 3 month's supply (depending on size of hot tub).

About O-Care
We all love enjoying a Spa or Hottub, it's relaxing just by yourself and to enjoy your with children, friends and family it can truly bring people closer together but.....??Every Spa or Hot tub has a big invisible problem which can be very bad your health and the components in the Spa.

The Problem is sediment filled with bacteria and calcium called BIOFILM?? which settles in the pipes, pumps, heater, corners.
The same process happens with a vase of flowers on the table, in a couple of days you'll see a slimy substance, it probably sounds familiar.
An even better example is your teeth just feel your teeth after a while they also build up biofilm, that is one of the reasons that you brush them ! 

So the question arises why don't we "brush" the tubing of the Spa ? Chlorine or Bromine can't do the job alone.
If we don't clean the pipes and allow it to fill up with biofilm there are consequences, chlorine or bromine can't work properly, 
bacteria and calcium build up and is protected by the biofilm and gets harder to get rid of.

All of this happens in the pipes which you don't see which is, other then contrary to popular belief, NOT convenient.
O-Care removes & prevents biofilm and constantly cleans the Spa so you need less chemicals there for it's safe and it protects the main components.
??O-Care is made up of mixture of high quality minerals so it make the water in your Spa more NATURAL and it will leave your skin Soft and Odorless !

O-Care Weekly Spa Care is proud to support water.org
For every box of O-Care you buy we donate $ 2,- to water.org
Please find out more about the innovative initiatives of water.org on the website

Downloads & Articles
    More Info

    Weekly advice

    Once a week

    - Clean Filters (since with water)

    - Add  O-Care Weekly Spa Care  (150 ml per 1500 ltr Spa add from both O-Care bottles no: 1 & 2)

    - Add 10-20 gram of Chlorine after you've used the Spa. Minimal of once a week if the Spa is not being used

    Once a Month

    - Clean out the filters with Cartridge Cleaner  (leave in bucket for about 30 min)

    Once every Quarter

    - Depending on usage, chemical use and saturation you need to replace the water.
    - On average it is advised change the water every three months (3 Months)

    Once every 6 months to a year

    - Replace Filters (Hotspring Highlife excluded)

    Ideal water balance:

    PH: 7,2 - 7,8

    Chlorine: 3-5 ppm (parts per million or milligram per litre)

    Alkaline: 80 -150 

    Measuring equipment:

    Make sure you use proper measuring equipment. Preferably a piece which does not leave it up to the interpretation of a person like with for example color recognition.

    Water Care App available

    The O-Care app enables you to fix any water issue you might have anywhere in the world.
    The Aqua Tool from O-Care will help you with water maintenance with any kind of hot tub, small pool or swim spa.
    It starts with the basics and helps you step by step to fix any problem so you don't need to be a water chemist.

    Available for IOS (Apple) and Android (Google Play) devices from the 1st of March 2016

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    Questions & Answers

    hi i use the AquaFinesse - Hot Tub Water Care Kit + Extra Sanitising Tablets. Does the o -care weekly product do the same and is it any better than the one i use or is it just a different supplier many thanks

    Asked by laura
    Hello, its a similar type of concept but different suppliers/manufacturer. They both use a weekly dose and advise to use a low level sanitiser. Some people prefer one over the other but we get good comments about both.
    Response from Rosie
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