CMP Floating Spa Dispenser

CMP Floating Spa Dispenser

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Product Description
Product Description

CMP Floating Spa Dispenser

  • Variable dispensing control so you don't lose all your tablets in a day!
  • Large service area to float easily and low in the water dispensing your chemicals across the spa or pool equally.
  • The End cap is weighted to keep the dispenser pointing downwards in the spa water, releasing the chemicals where they should be.
  • Bottom lid opening feature, enables you to refill the dispenser without having to reset your levels every time.
  • Can be used with a Ozonator.
  • The large size means you are not checking your dispenser every five minutes! Drop in and Relax.
  • Made from Top Quality UV & Chemical Stabilised plastic. Suitable for slow dissolve Chlorine or Bromine tablets.


Insert the Chlorine Tablet in the Dispenser

Turn the bottom of the tablet dispenser to open it. Remove the bottom portion of the dispenser. Insert one chlorine tablet into the dispenser for every 4,000 to 5,000 gallons of water. Replace the lid and turn it clockwise to lock it in place. Adjust the barrel of the dispenser to make the openings larger and smaller. To start, adjust the dial halfway so that half of the slats are open.


Place the Floating Dispenser in the Pool

Drop the floating chlorine tablet dispenser into the water and hold it under to remove all of the air. Allow it to surface and ensure that only the bottom portion of the dispenser stays underwater. Attach a leash or tether to the top of the barrel and attach it to the wall near the center of the swimming pool. This prevents it from drifting to one end of the pool, allowing for even chemical dispersal. It also makes it easy to remove to make adjustments. If the swimming pool is small, the tether is not necessary and the floating dispenser can float freely around the pool.


Test the Chlorine Every Few Days

In the first few days of installing the dispenser, test the chlorine levels daily. Owners properly calibrate the device when chlorine levels stay between 1 and 3 ppm. If the chlorine levels are high, remove one of the chlorine tablets from the dispenser. Remove the dispenser from the water for a few days. Chlorine evaporates naturally when exposed to the sun. Place the dispenser with a few tablets back in the water after a few days. If the chlorine levels are low, add fast-acting chlorine to adjust the pH and turn the dials on the bottom of the dispenser to make the openings wider and release more chlorine into the pool. Monitor the chlorine levels every few days and replace the chlorine tablets as they dissolve.


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