What are the ugly black flakes that are appearing in my bath?

We often hear from customers who experience alarming black/brown debris or slime in their whirlpool bath water. This can occur for several reasons but more often than not it comes to light after a couple of years of using a whirlpool bath without having followed an adequate cleaning regime.

The black flakes are normally a result of a build up of bathing residues and additives such as soaps, bath oils, shampoos, skin cells & body oils & possibly also a formation of biofilm.

There are certain factors that will increase the likeliehood of a hygiene problem.
The use of bath oils, emollient bath products and soaps will contribute to the sticky build up inside the pipes making dirt and grime stick to the surface and the allowing bacteria to create a breeding ground.
Oily, emollient products should be avoided. Try to use oil free bath essences (we do a range of Low foaming oil free bath essences) or bath salts are a good option.

A poorly draining whirlpool system will also promote an ungienic system. Pockets of stale bath water left in the pipe work make it very difficult to clean & this can result in bad smells as well as debris in the water. This is more common in older systems, or budget whirlpools.
You would only be able to tell if this was problem if you can get access behind the bath panel. Sagging pipes would be an indication of a poorly draining system & this could result in a never ending cleaning battle.

The conditions inside the whirlpool pipework are generally warm and damp, whch is the ideal environment to harbour bacteria. Once a biofilm has formed it creates a matrix of cells that bacteria then use to protect themselves and this can be difficult to shift.

As always prevention is better than cure & regular cleaning and sanitising is the trick. It is vital therefore that the pipework is flushed out regularly with specialist whirlpool cleaning and sanitising products in order to help reduce any build up of bath deposits and minimse the growth of bacteria.

Pure-Spa whirlpool cleaner & degreaser can be used at different dilutions depending on the level of cleaning required.
Its very easy to use, you simply fill the bath with warm water, add the cleaning product, activate the whirlpool momentarily and allow the solution to get to work inside the pipes. Drain & refill to rinse.
You may need to repeat if you have a particularly troublesome whirlpool bath.
Our whirlpool cleaner will help to break down and remove this build up without damaging the pipe work, fittings or pump.

Pure-Spa Sanitising tablets should be used once your system is clean & they should be used after every bath to treat the system and minimise the growth of bacteria.

Not sure what products to buy?
If you have a problem with black bits coming out of the jets then you really need to do a deep clean, so you need to consider more than one bottle of the whirlpool cleaner. A good option would be our Buy 2 get 1 Free (£29.80 for 3 litres) plus some of the Pure-Spa sanitising tablets. remember we offer FREE UK mainland delivery over £35

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