User Guide - Pure-Spa Whirlpool Cleaner Degreaser

Directions for use:

1. Fill the bath with warm water (approx 35oC) making sure the jets are just covered.

2. Add the correct amount of product to the water

Dilution with water - use the following as a guide.
For regular cleaning at least every 2 - 4 weeks or more often, depending on usage.
Dilute with water up to 600:1 approx 1/4 bottle (250mls) per average bath (150 Litres of water)

If the whirlpool hasn't been cleaned in some time the product can be diluted with up to 80:1 with water.
For a Deep Clean - As a guide this is normally between 1/2 a bottle (500mls) and a full bottle (1L) per application

3. Close Air control (make sure the whirlpool is on its lowest setting) & run system for 2 - 5 mins
Do not leave unattended as the product may foam up.

4. Turn off & let stand for approx 2-3 hrs, or overnight if necessary. Run system occasionally to agitate.

5. Drain the bath, refill with cold water to flush through, run system for 2 minutes, drain the bath & wipe interior surface.

IMPORTANT - Whirlpools should be cleaned & sanitised regularly to help remove the build up of bath deposits & dirt, & to help minimise the growth of bacteria - even if the system isn't used very often! This product contains both cleaning and sanitising agents but for best results we recommend using Pure-Spa Sanitising tablets in between cleaning applications.

Suitable for use on surfaces including chromium, ceramics, plastics, stainless steel & porcelain

Contains no harsh solvents or alkalis or acids. Has an antimicrobial value of 120 when tested to BS 647.
Fully Biodegradable.
Presents no effluent problems.
Septic tank friendly

HEALTH & SAFETY Non-hazardous. In the event of eye contact, rinse with plenty of clean water, if irritation persists immediate medical attention should be sought. DO NOT INGEST DO NOT MIX WITH OTHER CHEMICALS KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN Volume 1 Litre (1000 mls)

Contains: Silicates < 2% Cationic suractants < 2% Non Ionic Surfactants < 10% Nitrilotriacetate < 5%

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