Are PureSpa products safe to use with a Septic Tank

Q.Is Pure-Spa Whirlpool Cleaner & Degreaser safe to use if I have a Septic Tank?
A: Yes, PureSpa Whirlpool cleaner & degreaser is biodegradable and should therefore be safe to use with Septic Tanks.

Q.Are Pure Spa Sanitising tablets safe to use if I have a Septic Tank?
A. When used as directed PureSpa Whirlpool sanitising tablets should not present any threat to the environment and are not harmful. They should not have any adverse affects on Septic tanks when in used at the correct dilutions.

However you will need to take into consideration your usage of other household cleaning products as over use of chemicals can upset the balance of a septic tank.

One Pure Spa Whirlpool Sanitising tablet dissolved in 150L of bath water gives approximately 7ppm, (parts per million) chlorine which is within the realms of a safe drinking water dilution (although we do not recommend drinking bath water!).

In order to comply with packaging regulations we have to label the products with orange warning symbols because they represent the entire contents of the pack rather than one indivudal tablet.

The chemical manufacturer of our sanitising tablets state the following:

“One tablet in 150L of water gives approximately 7ppm, which is a safe drinking dilution. This low dilution should not have any adverse effects in a septic tank, however your customer should note that overuse of chemical products will upset the balance of good bacteria and therefore effect the breakdown of effluent, fats, grease etc. They will also need to take into consideration any other household chemicals they are using”

There are products available called ‘Septic tank conditioners’ which contain a natural enzyme, these products help to restore the balance in the septic tank and they should used as a regular maintenance product.