Is your pool giving you a headache?

Is your pool giving you a headache?
Slimy walls, water that is difficult to balance, harsh effects on skin, hair and eyes?

AquaFinesse POOL has the answer

From the world renowned producers of AquaFinesse Spa water treatment comes a fabulous new Pool water treatment product. Specifically designed to make your life easier and keep your pool safe and crystal clear without the hassle!

Benefits include

Simple – Just add once a week
Gentle – Even on the most sensitive of skin
Clean – Removes slime, grime and calcium from surfaces and pipe work
Fresh – No more toxic fumes to inhale
Natural – Environmentally friendly formula
Balanced – Helps stabilize pH levels
Luxurious – Safe, clean, crystal clear water
Safe – Allows a reduction in harsh sanitizers by up to 70%

AquaFinesse - The Gentle Giant in Water Care