Aquafinesse - How Does it Work?

So how does AquaFinesse work?
AquaFinesse is a gentle, environmentally friendly product. It is NOT a sanitizer (it does not kill bacteria) it works by breaking down the bio film and thereby removing the cosy living and breeding conditions of the bacteria. Without bio film bacteria are unable to breed........ It’s as simple as that!

But what about the 1% of bacteria who live in the free water phase?
This is why we use a sanitizer alongside AquaFinesse this can be (chlorine granular, trichlor or bromine) the sanitizer will kill the bacteria which are in the water itself.

Fact: Because we only have a small amount of bacteria to treat we can use less sanitizer to do the job!
(This does not apply in a commercial situation, where we recommend that the user follows national guidelines)
You WILL notice the difference in the quality of the bathing water & you will actually FEEL the difference on your skin.

Fact: AquaFinesse is so gentle and safe that it can be used by people who have chlorine allergies or serious skin conditions! In fact AquaFinesse is even NSF/ANSI 60 certified!

Fact: AquaFinesse not only breaks down slime and grime, it is so powerful that not even calcium stands a chance against its might