Aquafinesse Usage Directions

In the AquaFinesse pack you will find:

  • - 2 Bottles of AquaFinesse liquid
  • - 1 Pack of sanitising tablets
  • - 1 Dispenser
  • - 1 Measuring Cup
  • - 1 user manual

Simple Weekly Treatment.
1. Shake the bottle of AquaFinesse to release the patented formula add a measured amount directly to your spa water, turn on the jets for a few minutes to mix.
2. Add a fresh sanitising tablet to the dispenser and place on the filter tray
3. Clean filters. It’s as simple as that!

To ensure that you use the correct amount of AquaFinesse formula, please consults the measuring chart on the side of the bottle. DO NOT OVERDOSE

The sanitizer supplied is a type of chlorine called trichlor, this can be substituted for dichlor (chlorine granules) or bromine if preferred but before doing so please ask your AquaFinesse dealer for advice.

Do not allow the sanitizing tablet to run out completely, check regularly and replace when necessary.

If your spa does not have a filter tray you may place the dispenser on top of the filters or into a floating dispenser above the filter area.

To clean your filters we recommend the AquaFinesse 1 hours soak filter cleaning tablets. Simply follow the instruction on the pack.

How AquaFinesse works
For years scientists have understood that to thrive, bacteria create a layer of slime called biofilm in which they shelter, feed and breed. Over time this slime increases in thickness, the thicker it becomes, the more bacteria it can harbour causing unnecessary additional problems.

Even high levels of chlorine or bromine only kill bacteria in the outer layer of an established biofilm leaving the unharmed bacteria below to continue breeding

This is where AquaFinesse comes in:
In one simply weekly treatment our patented environmentally friendly formula gets to the root of the problem by loosening this layer of slime from the surfaces. It is then rinsed away by the action of the water and prevented from reforming, dramatically reducing the bacteria's colonization possibilities!

What about Calcium build up?
Calcium is well known for the destruction it leaves in its wake, but even calcium is no match against the might of AquaFinesse. It is broken down by AquaFinesse's patented formula, coagulated and washed into the filters.

Starting up a new spa
During the manufacturing process spas are filled with water and tested. As this is generally done on a production line system the water used may contain dust and debris from other spas and even the factory itself, up to one litre of this water can remain in the pipe work of your spa after draining, allowing biofilm to grow.

For this reason all new spas should be treated with a chlorine shock once installed.

You can start using AquaFinesse in you new spa 4-6 hours after the chlorine shock has taken place. In the first few weeks it is not uncommon to see slightly cloudy water, this is a natural process as AquaFinesse does its job and begins to break down the biofilm from the walls and pipe work. During this period please ensure that your filters are washed regularly. Once this cleaning period is over your water will be clear and conditioned. Those wishing to avoid this stage may start by using the AquaFinesse 'Spa Clean' tablet. This is an environmentally friendly deep clean treatment which will thoroughly clean your spa from the inside out.

Switching over to AquaFinesse
We recommend that your spa is first thoroughly cleaned of old biofilm, calcium and grime (which often nestles unseen in the pipe work) by using the AquaFinesse Spa Clean product. The water should then be drained and refilled; you are now ready for the unique bathing experience that only AquaFinesse can offer.

Useful Tips
Shower before using your spa

Rinse your bathing costumes in fresh water rather than detergents

A spare pair of filters will allow you to rotate and clean weekly, offering longer filter life and better filtration!

Ensure that the individual jets in your spa are left open, this allows AquaFinesse to flow freely through the pipe work, offering maximum protection.

For AquaFinesse to be effective, your spa should be set on a filtration cycle of at least 4 hours in any 24 hour period.

Note on testing:
Under normal circumstances the pH and Alkalinity of your water will not need adjusting as AquaFinesse contains a natural balancing agent however, strip testing is advised as certain geographical areas can experience extreme high or low calcium levels in the water. If you find that your water needs to be adjusted this can be done simply and will not interfere with the workings of AquaFinesse.

BISHTA (British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) recommend that free chlorine levels are maintained between 3-5mg/1 and that the pH is kept between 7.2-7.8. They also recommend that the spa water is drained and refilled with fresh water at least every 3 months.

Use product only as directed.
Do not mix AquaFinesse with any other spa cleaning products.

First Aid
If swallowed, drink large quantities of water immediately. Do not induce vomiting. Avoid alcohol. Seek immediate medical attention.

In the event of AquaFinesse coming into direct contact with the eyes, hold eyelid open and flush with gentle running water for 15 minutes. If contact lenses are worn first flush eyes with as above for 5 minutes, remove contact lenses and continue to flush for a further 10 minutes. Seek immediate medical attention.

Storage and Disposal
Store AquaFinesse IN IT’S ORIGINAL CONTAINER in a cool dry place away from extreme temperatures.


Once empty, dispose of in the household refuse or recycle whenever possible.